Symphony of the Cells 2020 Edition Essential Oil Application Book and Body Systems Chart Set + Conditions Card

Symphony of the Cells

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Symphony of the Cells™ application book is a collection of massage protocols formulated by Boyd Truman to create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body.  Each protocol is specific to a system of the body allowing you to target ailments/conditions. Endorsed by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. 


  • Now featuring 18 massage protocols (PLUS the brand new Purpose Application!)
  • More in-depth and updated oil substitution list 
  • Updated 'Possible Condition Examples'
  • New 'Related Body Systems' Section to help you know what application to use! 


Listed are 18 different protocols that can help with hundreds of illnesses and conditions. The application of these protocols is simple and effective. Also contains reflexology charts,  a section on Chakras, and an oil substitute guide to make this a very practical and simple essential oil application technique that will provide results..


The Body Systems and Essential Oils Chart is your ultimate companion guide to the Symphony of the Cells™ booklet!  Discover this wonderful visual guide to the different systems of the body, corresponding illnesses to each system and a list of essential oils, essential oil blends and supplements to help each system overcome illness. 

Quick reference guide foldouts to depict the body systems shows which essential oils, blends, and supplements are recommended. The Body Systems chart also suggests Symphony of the Cells protocols to help with varying conditions. 



Symphony of the Cells Application Book 2020 Edition

Symphony of the Cells Body Systems and Essential Oils Chart 

Symphony of the Cells Conditions Card