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Do you have sore muscles, can't get rid of cold, chills, migraines, or cramps? 

Love electric heating pads but don't have the time to stay still?

Want a new way to use your favorite essential oils to promote healing?


     Rocky Mountain Essentials is a proud carrier of  Royal Heating Bags to use with your favorite therapeutic essential oils! These high quality bags are made in our local state of Colorado and can used for hot and cold therapy to provide healing and comfort to sore muscles, injuries, chills, migraines, cramps, and more!

     Royal Heating Bags are handmade with soft flannel or microfleece fabric for the outer cover that can be easily removed for periodic washing that is sealed with Velcro. The filly sealed inner bag is made from cotton and is filled with Colorado locally grown millet seed rather than the traditional rice or corn. Millet seed is a nice, soft seed that holds heat for several hours and doesn't overcook, have a strong odor , or retain moisture. Royal Heating Bags should last for several years with consistent use as long as they are not overheated or roughly handled. They accompany therapeutic essential oil usage very well by adding a few drops directly to the bag after heating or freezing or applying the essential oils with a carrier oil directly on location to help drive the essential oils deep into tissues for the ultimate soothing and healing experience! 


Available in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns to suit everyone!

  • Hand Warmers 2.5" x 4"  (2 pack)
  • Small  5" x 5
  • Medium  5" x 10"
  • Large  6" x 15"


Use and Care Instructions: (included in digital format with your order)

When heating in the microwave, only heat for 30 seconds to 1 minute increments until desired heat achieved and learned. Put bag on a clean dinner plate then put in the microwave for heating, this will insure your bag doesn't get stuff cooked into the fabric that may not come out with washing. Glass, ceramic, or paper plates work best.

Keep bags in the freezer for cool relief when needed. 

Remove the outer cover of the bag (small, medium , and large sizes only) to be washed. Wash in machine or hand wash in cool or warm water and can be dried on low heat, tumble dry, or hung to air dry, Do not dry on high heat or wash with hot water, bags can shrink.

CAUTION! Heated bags burn skin or damage property if not heated as suggested!

  • DO NOT heat on racks
  • DO NOT use bags on foreheads with fever, bags can retain heat from the fever and cause overheating making the fever worse
  • DO NOT wash inner bag with millet seed inside, it will ruin the bag and can damage the washer