Essential Perfumes DIY Kit

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Essential Perfumes DIY Kit

“Essential oil perfumes make scents!”

The Essential Perfumes DIY Kit by EO Tools allows for a non-toxic, natural way to enjoy perfume blends. 


Sensitive to fragrances?

It’s no wonder, considering the average commercially produced fragrance contains 14 chemicals which often present themselves as: allergies, sensitivity, headaches, skin reactions, or nausea when exposed.

 These effects can be from simple aromatic exposure or physical exposure which can compound toxins and accumulate in your body.

 Of these undisclosed ingredients, many can be classified as carcinogens, hormone disrupters, lead to sperm damage in men and when worn by pregnant mothers can lead to abnormal reproductive development in male fetuses. Source:

Essential Oils aren't scents or fragrances but are aromatics derived from plants and are not synthetically manufactured. Because of them being an organic compound, they are useful in addressing a myriad of health concerns in a natural and holistic way.

DO-IT-YOURSELF kits are brand neutral so you can use your preferred brand of essential oils. Perfect to make perfume for yourself or to give as gifts!


 Make & Take 1 or all 10 including:

  • Bliss - a floral oriental blend
  • Harmony - fruit & citrus blend
  • Love - a floral, rosey blend
  • Peace - an aquatic, earthly blend (unisex)
  • Pure - green, fresh, citrus blend (unisex)
  • Rebel - musky blend (unisex)
  • Terra - woody, earthy blend (unisex)
  • Secret - a soft, powdery floral blend
  • Strong - woody blend (unisex)
  • Urban - soft, chic, citrusy blend (unisex)

Bonus! Essential Perfumes Tear Pad Sheet with tips on blending to make wonderful fragrances!

DIY Kit includes:

  • 1 recipe sheet
  • 1 Essential Perfumes Tear Pad Sheet
  • 1 set of 10 labels
  • 10 clear glass roll on bottles with plastic fitments and black caps
  • 1 set of  lid stickers


Essential Oils and carrier oils are not included.


If you don't have the essential oils to make a full set please contact us! We can make you a full set with the world's most trusted essential oils and the carrier oil of your choice!