Omazing Diffuser Recipes Booklet

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O'mazing Diffuser Recipes! 

Enjoy using this as a personal reference to remember some awesome diffuser recipe combos or use it as a gift for someone in your doTERRA community. 

The booklet contains 132 Diffuser Recipes in the following categories:

  • Recipes for the Kitchen
  • Recipes for the Car
  • Living Room: Uplifting & Mood Enhancing
  • For Your Sacred Space:
  • Where You Go To Dream
  • Getting Quiet & Content
  • For the Office: Stay on Task
  • For the Bedroom: Respiratory Support, Immune Support, Relationships, Sleep & Relaxation
  • Family Room: Summer Scents, Spring Scents, Fall Scents, Wintertime Scents
  • Family Room Fun
  • For Your Home Gym
  • For the Basement

Enjoy some amazing diffuser recipes for the home, organized clearly for where you need them most!