Essential Oils Storage Carrying Case for 70 Bottles

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Essential Oils Storage Case for 70 Bottles
 Essential Oils Storage Case for 70 Bottles
Holds 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, and 20ml bottles 
★SAVE SPACE AND PRECIOUS OILS: Effortlessly organize your essential oil collection, while preventing the vials from clinking together and protecting them from sunlight. This essential oils storage holds up to 70 5ml, 10ml, 15ml or 20ml bottles plus EO accessories.
★ATTENTION TO DETAILS: Double zipper that is sturdy and runs smooth. A sturdy hand strap and a shoulder strap that is wide, has a soft foam handle and padding for comfortable carrying, as well as an inner pocket under the lid of the essential oil case, perfect to fit labels, pipettes, business cards, literature, bottle opener, phone or other EO accessories.
The fresh, uplifting smell of spearmint, the delicate smell of roses or the spiciness of cinnamon. It’s amazing that you can enjoy all of these scents and health benefits in the form of therapeutic grade essential oils.

But if you love essential oils, you probably have also experienced:

Spending forever to find the bottles that you’re looking for, having no proper way of transporting or storing your oils, avoiding taking oils with you because you can’t afford them breaking, fearing that the bottles will break and stain your clothes when traveling. 
  • Capacity: 70 grids; can be placed 20ml/15ml/10ml/5ml essential oil bottle
  • High-quality materials: EVA, solid surface, waterproof and shockproof
  • The perfect size of the detachable base is easy to clean can store the essential oil bottle well, making your bottle safer, without worrying about the crushing of essential oils
  • Protects essential oils from light and extends their use.
  • Easy to store essential oils to make your desktop simpler